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Why To-Do Lists are King's of Productivity

To-do lists are such an easy and simple way to stay productive and keep on top of your time management. To-do lists can be used for a variety of things like, work, a side project or learning a new skill. I use a to-do list every day and find that writing what I need to do out in the morning helps me stay focused, saves time, keeps me productive and helps me get more done.

What is a to-do list?

To-do lists are tasks that you need to complete. You begin by listing tasks on either a piece of paper, your phone or even an app. You then organise them by date or level of priority. This tool is great for everyone and can be used to be more productive individually, or as a team.

Why are to-do lists so important?

Having a to-do list helps you stay productive and is vital to time management.

To-do lists are important because of 5 things:

  1. A list helps you remember what you need to do

  2. Lets you plan out priorities

  3. To-do lists let you combine relevant tasks

  4. You can track your progress over the day or week

  5. Gives you a good understanding of what needs to be passed over to the next day.

Who can use to-do lists?

Pretty much everyone uses a to-do list because anyone can use them. To-do lists are very adaptable and there are many apps out there which can help you build out your to-do lists. By having multiple to-do lists for each part of your life you're getting the information out of your head and onto paper. They help free up your mind to focus on what is needed to be done.

How to-do lists can fail?

Before we go into how to write an effective to-do list it's good for us to understand that to-do lists can fail, if not used correctly. It's important to understand how a to-do list can fail.

  1. Having too many to-do's can cause you to feel overwhelmed

  2. Not setting deadlines on tasks

  3. Being too vague with your to-do lists

  4. Not prioritising your to-do's

  5. Not starting with the hardest thing first

How to write an effective to-do list:

So to start, grab a coffee and find a nice quiet spot to write your list. To-do lists are best done in the morning, as they help with giving you an overview of your day.

  1. Make sure to start by writing the days date down.

  2. List tasks down and number them in order of priority.

  3. Reorganise them on your to-do list

  4. Set deadlines for specific tasks

  5. Create a notes section

  6. Make the to-do list in the morning or the night before.

  7. Don't be too vague, be specific about what you need to complete.

When writing out an effective to-do list, I find it is best to write down your checklist on a piece of paper. Remember, keep it simple! It is easy to get carried away with writing down to much.

To-do lists are an amazing way to stay productive and help shave off some well needed time in your day. By knowing what it is you're working on, helps save you from losing track of concentration and helps keep you focused. I have to say, the feeling of crossing out something you have completed is one of the joys of my life!

If you're tired of the to-do list and still find it's not working for you however hard you try, why not try Bullet Journalling? This new trend seems to be popping up a lot more and could be your new way to stay productive and help you with your time management skills.

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