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What Is The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale?

The Impact of Long-Term Stress in life - Stress Scale.

Stress is used in all types of situations in life. You could be stressed from the death of a family member, a frustrating day of work, or something smaller like dropping that delicious, perfectly made, sausage sandwich you just made on the floor - I'm sure the dog will clean it up though.

Most people don't do well with change and when things start to get out of their control they seem to get stressed. This happens a lot, the world is changing rapidly and we're finding that more people are becoming stressed due to it.

So what is the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale?

Back in 1967, both Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe analysed 5,000 medical records as a way to discover if being stressed led to illnesses. They asked test subjects to list and write down 43 life events which each had a score. They then tallied up each number and you were left with a total score of how stressed you were for those 12 months. They found that stress was found between their life experiences and their current illnesses.

This then led to both Thomas and Holmes creating the Stress Scale. You can download this and test this for yourself here.

The Point Sheet:

  • 150 points would mean that you're on the low scale of stress.

  • 150 - 300 points would mean that you're 50% more likely to have a mental health breakdown.

  • 300 points and above would raise your 50% chance to an 80% chance of a mental health breakdown.

Be mindful that the SRRS is not taking into account the individual difference into consideration. The scale doesn't suggest you would have the same stress level when comparing this to someone else. The death of a loved one could cause more stress on someone else than it could to you.

However, many people experience all different types of major life events and being able to see where you're on the stress scale gives you a rough understanding of the stress on your shoulders. It's important to test these things out in life to understand if you're feeling stressed. Be sure to download and give this a go.

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