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What are habits?

Habits consist of small decisions you make daily. What you frequently do (i.e. brush your teeth) ultimately forms a habit and becomes part of your personality. Researchers at Duke University shows that habits account for around 45% of our behaviours on most days.

Consider Habits like rituals, they allow us to carry out activities, like brushing our teeth or making a cup of coffee in the morning, without putting much thought into them. By having habits, this frees up space in our unconscious mind to allow for other resources that our brain needs to focus on other tasks like deciding what's for dinner.

Habits are in everything, even everything I write about from self-development and productivity to fitness, health and mental wellness, all starts with habits. Realise the fact that when you acquire new habits, you can change your life.

We all have habits and we use hundreds of habits every day. There are different types of habits, of course, you have good habits and you have bad habits. It's about knowing which habits, you want to keep or you want to throw away. Making a habit tracker can help you with that.

Want to break a habit?

Want to learn how to break a bad habit? Check out this article to learn the science of breaking bad habits my suggestions on how to make it stick.

If I had to recommend a Habit book, which one would I choose?

Atomic Habits, of course, helped me reshape the way I process and think about success and gave me the tools to transform even the most complexed of habits I built over a long time. This habit book is packed with plenty of research and will teach you how to make small changes, in your life, that will deliver remarkable results.

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