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Updated: May 6

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? Check your phone? Watch Tv? Snooze the alarm?

What most successful people do is follow a morning ritual. I know this sounds spiritual but it's not, and it can be adapted to anyone. A morning ritual is how you structure your morning towards your goals and personal projects. I would like to say if you're not a morning person you can always turn this into a Nightly Ritual.

So how do you plan your morning and what should you include? This all depends on your personal objectives in life but for example sake, you can choose some of the following:

: Read : Exercise : Work on a side hustle : Plan out your day : Daily gratitude/ affirmations : Meditate : Start a course : Journal

The list can go on. Like I said before, you can plan your morning in a way that suits you.

Why is having a Morning Ritual so important? Well, not only does a Morning Ritual increase productivity but it also reduces stress and helps you focus for the day ahead. Getting things done in the morning gives you the quiet time you need to get things done without being distracted. You will be starting the day on the right foot and will let off hundreds of endorphins doing it.

Why not start now?

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