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Is Bottled or Tap Water Better For Your Health?

Tap Water vs. Bottled Water - What is better for your long term health?

If you don't know, tap water is often better for your health compared to bottled water. However, take caution because the below signs can tell you when either tap or bottled water can take a turn for the worst.

More and more people are starting to wonder if tap or bottled water are different when compared together.

Which Water Source Is Better?

Both Tap and Bottled water come with many nutrients and benefits which you may not have come across before.

By drinking tap water, you're saving the planet. Whilst, bottled water is mostly placed within plastic bottles, which seem to be a major disaster for the environment due to the amount of pollution caused. Another reason why tap water is better than bottled is the fact that you're saving money, by drinking tap water. Surprisingly, if you drink bottled water, at least half of all bottled water comes from a tap. In essence, you're throwing money away. If you drink bottled water, why not try and buy a water bottle?

With all these benefits, it's easy to jump straight onto tap water right? Well, drinking tap water can have its downsides:

  • Certain regions may have higher exposure to toxins from tap water.

  • Drinking tap water from sources of old plumbing could contain sources of lead.

  • Natural disasters, like local floods, can contaminate your local water systems.

If you didn't know, bottled water is tested and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) whereas tap water is tested by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Bottom line, both tap and bottled water are safe! However bottled water, unlike tap water, can contain tiny pieces of plastic called microplastics. It has not yet been proven what role microplastics play in our health. Back in 2018, there was a study that included 11 bottled water products from a variety of countries. They found that up to 93% of the 259 bottles of water contained microplastics. (1).


In the end, both tap and bottled water are easy ways to stay hydrated. However, if you want to save money and the planet then tap water is your better option. If you're more concerned about the potential risks of tap or bottled water and are not interested in buying a water bottle, try looking into a filtration system instead.

There may be times when you forget your water bottle and are out on a hot day, these are the times when bottled water comes in handy. We all need to stay hydrated at the end of the day and both tap and bottled water can do just that.


Both bottled and tap water have pros and cons. Overall, tap water is much better for the environment has lower health risks and costs substantially less than bottled water. Plus, tap and bottled water have been proven to taste the same due to there being no difference in taste.

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