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How To Use Mindfulness Listening

Mindfulness listening is about being aware and present.

Ever been in a conversation and suddenly lose track of what they were saying because you were distracted? This happens a lot, the world is full of distractions! By using the power of mindfulness listening you can change that.

Mindfulness is an essential tool in life. Whether you're speaking with a colleague a work or chatting to a mate in a coffee shop, mindfulness listening will help you engage and become more present.

It's hard to come across a good listener, especially a mindful one. Mindfulness listening is all about being in the present and being aware of what the person is saying but on purpose. Below we cover a few ways on how mindfulness listening can have a huge benefit on your communication with others, whilst also improving your social and listening skills.

How to use the power of mindfulness listening:

Ask yourself 'How am I feeling right now?'

If you just stepped out of a meeting that didn't go so well or just got off the phone to your partner who gave you some bad news, you would most likely not be in the best state for a mindful conversation. These are the types of situations that will distract you from being mindful.

Mindfulness listening is about being focused on what the other is saying, and by noticing what is going on internally first you will then be able to react to your state to then listen to your mate or work colleague.

Become Present

To become an awesome listener, you need to deal with the worlds everyday distractions. To put simply, 100% of your focus should be on the conversation you're having.

If you're sitting at your desk with a work colleague, simply put away your phone, turn your computer screen off and clean away any mess on your desk. By doing so you're limiting the potential distractions and becoming more mindful already.

Another option is to take a step back before you dive into a meeting, try some relaxation techniques, as we all know work can become stressful at times so it's important to manage stress. Try deep breathing before you have a conversation to help you relax and become more mindful.

Reflect on what has just been said

Ever heard of paraphrasing? Well, this mindful listening tool can be used to summarising the speaker's point and relay what you understand back to them whilst also asking an open-ended question to keep the conversation flowing.

Doing this doesn't just make you an awesome mindful listener but also shows the speaker that you are giving them your undivided attention.

Be aware of your cues

Our cues are our internal thoughts, how we feel both physically and mentally when in a deep conversation. By using mindful listening we can become more aware of our cues and help us put a stop to emotions or thoughts to stay present in the given moment.

Mindful listening is really simple, you just have to listen and pay attention, but on purpose, and give your speaker 100%. Don't let your internal thoughts distract you from what the speaker is saying or what you were going to say.

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