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How To Shred Body Fat In 2 Months By Doing These 5 things

5 ways to slim down within 2 months.

Looking for quick tips on how to shred body fat before the summer hits? Sure this is possible but shredding body fat comes with time. Most newbies start seeing results around 8 weeks after some intense training, that also comes with a strict diet.

Let me be honest with you, when it comes to burning fat in particular areas of the body, we have no control over this. Even though we may want to slim down our waist and tone up our arms; unfortunately, we don't control where our body starts to burn fat the quickest. This is different for everyone, so if you have people telling you that you can burn fat in certain parts of your body, they're wrong!

Let's get down to how you can shred body fat in just 2 months of training and dieting.

  1. Count your calories

  2. Be in a Calorie Deficit

  3. Cut out sugar

  4. Cut out Refined Grains

  5. Eat more protein and veggies

Count your calories

Let's jump into number #1 on the list, which is counting your calories. This has to be one of the most important factors when it comes to shredding body fat. By counting your calories, you're not only identifying what you're eating throughout the day but you're giving yourself a detailed understanding of how many calories you have consumed so far.

There are two ways you can play this, first, you can cut your calories down below average, second, you can keep your calories at a reasonable level but include more cardio-based activities. Whatever option you end up choosing, be sure to check out the MyFitnessPal App on IOS or Android, these guys have the best platform for counting calories.

Be in a Calorie Deficit

Moving on to #2 on the list, which is being in a calorie deficit. We touched upon this a little above but I'm keen for you to understand why this option is great if you don't have the time, during the day, to add in the extra cardio around your work or your life.

Diet is the most important factor for weight loss and should be your priority throughout the day to make conscious decisions about what you eat and drink. A calorie deficit is simple, you need to burn more calories than you eat during the day.

It's important not to go overboard on this though, your nutrition plays an important role in how your body functions. We don't you walking around like a zombie at work, half asleep, half hungry ready to eat anything in your path. There are many calculators out there which you can use to find out how much you should be eating a day. If you want professional advice, it is always good to seek your GP or a Health Professional.

Cut out sugar

Next up is #3, which is cutting out sugar from your diet. This one sucks but we have to make sacrifices to get the body we deserve! Let me make this clear, sugar has no nutritional value to the body. When you eat sugar, you're adding to the fat, not shredding it.

Stay away from, sweets, chocolate, doughnuts, anything you know that includes sugar. It's also important to be aware of hidden sugars you wouldn't normally think about. Added sugar can be detected in some healthy foods like granola, multigrain cereal and yoghurt.

Cut out Refined Grains

Number #4 is cutting out refined grains from your diet. What are refined grains you ask? Well, refined grains are carbohydrates and these are another simple way of cutting down on your diet and adding to further weight loss.

These types of carbs are considered high in calories but low in nutrients which the body absorbs quickly into its bloodstream. This then causes a sugar spike and can also increase your hunger. Refined carbs can be things like breakfast cereal, white bread, white bagels, white rice or even pre-packed food like oats or brown rice.

Eat more protein and veggies

Finally, #5 is adding more protein and veggies to your diet. Getting these two essential ingredients are key to weight loss. By upping your protein and veggie intake, you will reduce your appetite and cut down your calories consumption throughout the day. Surprisingly, protein takes longer to digest which keeps you full for longer.

Pro Tip: Start your day off with a high protein breakfast.

A 12-week study showed that 19 people increased their daily protein intake by 30%. This ended up helping them reduce their overall calorie intake by 441 calories. In the end, this lowered the bodyweight of these individuals and they lost just over 10 pounds of fat. (1)

Veggies are incredible! They're packed with nutrients and can be eating as much as possible due to the low calories they provide. It's important to include vegetables with every meal to pack out the hunger. Not only do they provide essential nutrients for the body, but they also provide tons of fibre. By consuming vegetables you're increasing the chances of weight loss and lowering the risk of obesity.

Pro Tip: Eat slowly with every meal, by doing so you're tricking your body into thinking you're eating more!

Weight loss can seem like a pain but if you want to lose weight in just 2 months and show off those abs, then follow these tips and I'm sure you'll be shopping for a pair of new jeans in no time. By sticking to these principles and making some simple changes in your diet and lifestyle, you will be on the right track to weight loss. Be patient and trust what you're doing is right and stick it out until the end!

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