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How to help a co-worker or friend suffering from stress

In stressful times it's important to realise when someone requires help.

We have all felt that emotional frustration before and let's be honest, it's not a great feeling. Due to the pandemic not making it easy on us, more people are becoming stressed. We are either struggling financially, lost our jobs, have our kids running around 24/7 whilst we work from home or having the stress of trying to find a new job. It's not easy!

Why Helping Someone Who Is Stressed Matters

It's not easy to approach someone who is suffering from stress. You might be thinking that trying to help them could make it worse, or causing your friend or co-worker to feel more frustrated and anxious.

By offering up your support, you give that person a sense of relief that they can tell you're trying to help. There are many disadvantages to the body and mind if you're feeling stressed but your support can have a huge effect on how to adapt to this frustrating time and start to work on their wellbeing.

It's hard to be mindful and spot signs of feeling stressed. You can help your friend or co-worker though! So to help, here are 5 ways you can emotionally support your friend or co-worker who’s feeling stressed.

  1. Help them to identify the problem and encourage them that this stress can pass

  2. Listen and support them when needed

  3. Get them outside and moving

  4. Practice relaxation techniques

  5. Support them in getting professional help

Help them to identify the problem and encourage them that this stress can pass

If you know the signs of stress, then it can be easy to recognise when your friend or co-worker is suffering from stress. Sometimes you can start to notice these symptoms before they even know about their stress, so if you see someone who is overloaded, anxious or frustrated, you could kindly make them aware, and ask how you can help.

It's important to reassure them that stressful times will pass. When someone is stressed, they can feel down and start talking negatively to themselves. Be sure to make them aware that these emotions are not permanent and will not last forever.

Listen and support them when needed

If your friend or co-worker is feeling stressed and wants to chat then it's important to listen to what they have to say. This element of trust can help us find and see things in a different and better light. Having someone to talk to, to help them release their frustration makes all the difference. Listening alone is one of the best things you can do to support that person.

So be sure to give them your full attention, even if that means putting away your phone or turning off the TV. Be empathetic and ask questions throughout your conversation. When needed don't be afraid to ask them to rephrase what they're saying so you can be 100% sure you understand them.

Get them outside and moving

It's important if you're feeling stressed, to get outside and get some fresh air. Participate in a fun activity, give yoga a go or enjoy a nice walk with some of your favourite music. These are some of the most useful things you can do to reduce stress and anxiety.

Practice relaxation techniques

It can be very useful to include relaxation techniques. Meditation and mindful breathing help us stay in a calm state of mind. These small but essential techniques help encourage your friend or co-worker to take control and put a stop to feeling stressed.

Since we normally opt for smoking or drinking alcohol as a stress reliever, a healthier alternative could be to take CALM, this is a natural ingredient helps soothe the mind and reduces stress.

Support them in getting professional help

Seeking professional help and advice is important when needed. If you feel your friend or co-worker isn't getting any better then discuss with them about speaking it over with their GP.

As we know now, stress can have a serious effect on our health. Even though the stress management techniques above have been proven to reduce stress, they're mainly for guidance only. If you're reading this, then be sure to speak to a qualified professional if the stress starts to become overwhelming and causes you any health problems.

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