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How Minimalism Can Make You More Productive

Most people think when it comes to working, the amount of hours you put in depends on how hard you work. I disagree. Ever heard of minimalism? Being a minimalist isn't about living small, owning nothing and sitting in a white room meditating. It's about having what you need in life and nothing more.

For the newbies out there. Minimalism can apply to many aspects of our lives. In this article we will be looking at how being a minimalist can help you be productive at work. If you've never come across minimalism before, then it's best to look at it like performing tasks in the most simple way as possible.

Check out these 5 ways on how being a minimalist can make you productive.

The Pareto Principle.

If you haven't heard of the Pareto Principle, you must have heard of the 80/20 rule. This rule is very easy to remember. It states that 20% of our work will lead to 80% of our results.

Try flipping that around, 80% of our work will lead to just 20% of our results! The key is to become more aware of the 20% because this is where the results are coming from. Look into what actions you perform daily and try to focus on what you think benefits you the most - that 20%. Eventually, you'll save more time and your productivity will shoot up.

Having less gives you more.

You might already be a tidy person who likes to keep everything in order. On the other hand, you might have one of the messiest desks in the office. People like this, are working on multiple projects, and have paperwork stacked to their eyeballs.

I like to keep my desk clean and simple. What I need is what you'll see, laptop, mobile phone, pen and pad and oh, of course, a cup of coffee! I find that I'm never knee-deep in paperwork or juggling multiple projects at one time and this is down to the fact that having a clean desk keeps my mind clear and free to focus solely on work and not what's around me. At the end of each day, clean and put away everything you don't need from your desk so the next morning you can set up and start again fresh and ready to go.

Daily to-do lists.

Start the day with a to-do list. These are super fast and reliable. For whatever reason, if you don't like to-do lists then you may have come across time-blocking.

This quick and easy method only takes a few minutes to put your whole day in a list. Just by writing a to-do list, you're putting your mental state in a position to think ahead. This then leads me to habits.

Work with your daily habits.

Noticing daily habits can play a huge part in how you work daily. If you come in, grab a coffee, check the news, then check your email for 30 minutes and repeat this every time you come in, then these are habits. Let's take your work for instance. You need to look at your job from an end to end perspective, look at all of your responsibilities and what you do daily and write them down. Now look at the list and see if anything can be batched together, automated or removed. Doing this will shave your time in half and put you in a position to focus on the important stuff in your day to day job. Build on these and make them your habits.

Habits can be used to your advantage and successful people do the same habits every day. By breaking down your habits and deleting the bad ones, this will make it easier for you to complete tasks in a timely fashion.

Focus on the essential.

Once you’ve written out your to-do list, take a second to look at what you don't need to do today. Essentialism plays an important part in our daily life and going to several meetings during the day isn't a good idea - they can't all be necessary right? By looking at everything with a minimalist mindset, you'll start to notice things you can delete from your list. Things which are less of a priority.

For more information be sure to check out this video by Matt D'Avella on "How Minimalism Can Make You More Productive"

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