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How Essentialism Can Help You Live A Better Life

What is Essentialism?

Greg McKeown is known for the best selling book: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Greg trains individuals and world leaders about the art of essentialism ever since he released the book in 2014. The whole concept of the book is based around one thing: Less but better.

Essentialism isn't about disconnecting from the world and going back to the dark ages, with no email or phone by your side. It's about learning to implement "Less but better" into your life. Taking what we have now and how we live our lives, whilst looking into the future. Focusing on getting the right things done, the essential things! Looking at how something is important to you or not. If it's not important, eliminate it.

5 hacks you can use right now

Essentialism: Design a space to escape

It's essential to have a unique space that we can escape to, not only to get away from all the noise but to help us focus. However, it's how we design the space that counts, by selecting what's essential and what not. I'm not just talking about office space or your desk at home. This could be an escape from everything, you could head down to the coast and stay in a cabin and take a week off to simply think and read. This is exactly what Bill Gates does.

Essentialism: Make a Priority

Priority and “priorities” are different but similar. People make the mistake of having too many priorities but don't focus on the one priority that is essential to their life. Could this be your career? Your side hustle? Your family?

Most people live their life not knowing what excites them and instead go from one thing to another. If you want to know your true priority in life, you need to focus on what you want in life. For me, I love to write and share my thoughts on topics that help people to succeed. Now that I know my priority in life, I make better life decisions on how to structure my day. What's your priority?

Essentialism: Build a routine

Now that you have a priority its essential to build a routine around it and implement it into your life.

When it comes to structuring my life I make sure that the essential thing comes first: producing content. Then it would be going to the gym and reading. If I complete these three things by the end of the day, I know I have had a great day and that I have achieved something. I wake up and focus on my morning routine which is structured to my one priority in life. I then do my daily exercises and do some light reading.

It's important to structure your life around your priority, even if it means it's the only thing you get done outside of work.

Essentialism: Lose the popularity contest

If you work in a 9 to 5 job you know how many meetings go on throughout the day. Things like this slow you down. It's important to not attend meetings that are not necessary. You need to be ok with what you lose in popularity in the short term. At the end of the day, the long-term respect you earn from real results and hard work outweighs any loss in being popular. Making sure you get real results are where the rewards lie.

Essentialism: Saying “No”

Many people have learned to say yes without even thinking about what else they gave going on. This why many people feel stressed out and overwhelmed in life because we spread ourselves too thinly. If you ever get in this situation, ask yourself, 'Do I have enough time to complete this to the best of my capabilities?' If you cannot think of what you have going on it's always best to say 'let me get back to you on that' rather than jumping the gun and saying yes straight away.

Of course, there will always be things in life you may not want to do but have to do, but a lot of our commitments are choices, not necessities. You do have the power to say no and turn them down.

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