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How Activity Logs Can Save You Time

Are you in the habit of wasting time? Do you always find yourself looking at ways to improve your time-management so you can focus on your self-development? Well, activity logs are there to help find free time in your day to be more productive and help you spend time on the things that matter most.

Activity Logs, also known as Activity Diaries or Job Activity Logs, are written records of where and how you spend your time. These little gems are an easy way to find out if you're not being productive and spending time in the wrong places. Most people would shove this off and say 'I don't waste time!' but if you gave this a go you would soon find out that you'd have some spare time on your hands.

If you want to stick with an activity log, you have to view it as a habit. Habits are things we do every day and for you to make the most of the activity log, you would need to note down a week's worth of logs. I know this may require some multitasking but I'm sure you will cope.

Doing this will help you build up a picture of how you spend your day, and where you spend most of your time. By analysing the activity logs data you can you start to notice things you can tick off.

What are some of the ways an Activity Log can boost your productivity?

Raises time-management mindfulness

Keeping an activity log has many benefits, but if I had to choose only one advantage of an activity log, it would be the fact that we can use them to look into our day-to-day activities. This gives us a better insight into what and where we spend most of our efforts in, which then helps us to notice what we should be keeping in on our to-do list or block schedule.

Defeats minimal tasks

Being able to see what and where you spend your time doesn't only make you more productive but allows you to minimise low-value tasks. The activity log allows us to use time management effectively to see small tasks which we shouldn't be spending time doing. This could be spending to much time on social media or spending to much time in non-essential meetings at work.

Digs up your weaknesses

To be productive, you have to realise where your weaknesses lie so you can improve them. Activity logs, give us the benefit of showing us our weaknesses which then help us to improve our self-development. A weakness could be considered as not spending enough time reading, not going to the gym or not spending enough time with family. These could already be in your activity log but could be things you could look to improve on.

Increases Daily Productivity

Having the superpower to check where you spend time, look at what tasks are worth spending time in and discover weaknesses that need improving, are all ways of being productive. By sticking to the habit of writing out your activity log you can reap these benefits to boost your productivity through the roof!

How to keep an activity log

Making an activity log is super easy todo, but if you don't have the time, go ahead and download this free template here.

First of start off by creating some columns

  • Day and Time.

  • Activity Description.

  • Value - high, medium, low or none.

  • Time spent.

Now for the best results, I'd suggest picking up a mini notebook that can fit in your pocket. This will help you with your noting.

Now, whenever you start a new activity, log it down. The detail is everything when it comes to building an activity log. Whether you're talking to a work colleague, writing an email or getting a coffee you need to log it down. The more consistent you're with this the better the results will be.

When the time is right, have a look at your daily log and start to note down the time spent on each activity and see if you can find any patterns. Then, at the end of the week, collect all the data and start to note down the statistics and use the tips and tricks above to learn how to improve your productivity and time management for next time.

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