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Updated: May 6

EASY HOME WORKOUT FOR YOU TO TRY WHILST IN LOCKDOWN When it comes to working out, a lot of people think that it is all about lifting weights in a gym. There is a lot you can do to get your daily exercise in. One of these options is using your own body weight as resistance. Check out the below workout to burn some calories whilst in lockdown: 30 Minute Workout: Body weight deep squat and pause: Focus on doing 12-15 reps with a 3-5 second pause at the bottom of each movement, then repeat 3 times. Bulgarian split squat and pause: You can use the edge of your sofa or even a chair to complete this exercise. Complete 12 reps with a 3-5 second pause at the bottom of each movement, then repeat 3 times. Jumping Lunge This one is fun! You will need some space for this but trust me you will feel the burn. Focus on doing this movement for 10 reps with a 30 second rest period in between each set, then repeat 3 times. Push Ups Depending on your strength levels you may need to use your knees to get started but that's ok, everyone starts somewhere. Focus on the doing 8-12 Reps (take breaks in between if needed) and do this 3 times. Straight arm plank If you're bit more advanced you can always make this harder by doing shoulder touches in between each set. As for this exercise though, focus on holding this position for 30-60 seconds and repeat 3 times. Ab Crunches To finish off them abs, focus on your breathing with this exercise. Exhale when you come to the top of the movement and inhale on the way down. Complete this for 15-20 reps and repeat 3 times. Overall this should take around 30 minutes to complete if you're having 30-45 seconds rest in between each set. As you begin to exercise more, your body and mind will get stronger. Make sure you're keeping on top of your water intake and get some much needed protein in after the workout to help fuel that muscle growth. Hope you enjoyed this, if so leave a comment!

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