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Are You a Positive or Negative Thinker?

When it comes to general life, are you the positive or negative person in the room? Do you encourage, help and drive success for yourself and others or do you mope, whine and complain about what cannot be done?

It's important to find out if you're a positive or negative person. How you act in life may not be the way you come across in person. Being a negative or positive person comes down to how we think internally, we all have that inner voice inside of us.

Let me tell you an old story, about two wolves:

One night, a grandfather told his granddaughter about a battle that goes on inside peoples heads.

The man said, “We all have a battle going on among two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, envy, arrogance, sorrow, regret, lies, greed, self-pity, guilt, jealousy, false pride and ego. The other is good. It is joy, compassion, kindness, hope, peace, love, empathy, generosity, truth and faith.”

The granddaughter thought about it for a moment and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” The grandfather replied, “the one that you feed.”

This story always seemed to stick with me throughout life. The main thing to remember about this story is, sometimes we have good and bad days, we aren't perfect but it's important to take into account your mindset and how you're being mindful to your positive or negative thoughts throughout the day because, in the end, the wolf that is fed the most will always win.

5 Signs that you're a positive thinker:

  1. You're mindful of your thoughts.

  2. You don't fear failure

  3. You lift yourself up

  4. You're engaging in positive exercises

  5. You surround yourself with positive like-minded people

Being mindful of your thoughts is important to how we think and act throughout the day. If you want to become a positive thinker then you will need to adopt the act of mindfulness. Positive people realise when negative thoughts come into play and crush them straight away.

Positive thinkers don't let any challenge get in their way. They're keen and ready to give any challenge a go and are always willing to try without thinking about failure. Positive thinkers use failure as a learning process. Negative thinkers, fail and never end up attempting to try again.

In life, we have bad days and things just don't seem to be going well and we know it. Positive thinkers don't let this hold them back when the negative thoughts start rushing in, they flip the thoughts and change them into positive ones in which they use for motivation to keep going. People can try and help you get back up but at the end of the day, it is only you who decides when you want to lift yourself up.

If you want to become a positive thinker, then it's important to build habits. You need to consider positive thinking as a habit in your life and build upon this habit every day. If you have bad habits in life you can always break them. To become a positive person you will have to implement exercises like journaling, meditation and little things like spending time with family.

Negative people are easy to spot and they can be a great influencer when it comes to negative thoughts, so be sure to recognise them. Positive thinkers surround themselves with like-minded people, to help push them, achieve their goals and keep them in a state of positive thinking.

5 Signs you're a negative thinker:

  1. You dwell about the past

  2. You judge others too quickly

  3. Have trouble holding onto and building relationships

  4. Always looking at the problem and not the solution

  5. You use negative wording

Negative thinkers live in the past and dwell on what has not gone right before. The past is an important part of life but it's essential to remember that we need to look forward into the future. By thinking about past failures, rather than learning from them, we end up trapped.

Gossiping can seem like a harmless trait but it reveals a lot about a person who is more than happy to speak about someone negatively behind their back. It's necessary to be mindful when you're speaking about someone when they're not there.

Negative people find it hard to hold long term relationships with people. It could be both friendly and romantic types of relationships that come into play. It's important to take a step back and see what went wrong and why. Try to understand how you presented yourself and how you acted throughout this relationship because it may open up some eye-catching traits.

If you focus more on a problem rather than a solution to that problem, you're more than likely a negative person. You may find that you identify all the negative problems to a plan but never come up with a solution to help yourself and others.

The way you speak will give you an understanding of whether or not you're a negative person. Saying things like, "That can't be done" or "This is a waste of time" keeps you in a state of negative thinking. You need to turn this around.

The way we think and act everyday shapes our lives and our internal thoughts. By being a positive thinker, you will improve your physical and mental health, social engagements and your work life. Try to notice which wolf you have been feeding lately and be sure to make some changes and be mindful of what it is you're thinking about.

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