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Quick Habits Successful People Do Daily To Get Ahead

What are habits? A habit is a daily routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly. Everyone has them, and yet we don't know of them. There can be right and wrong habits but I'm going to focus on these 5 that successful people do every day, to get ahead in life.

Time Management.

This is one of the most underused habits out there. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, it's is up to how you plan this time effectively. There are many ways you can save time. One way you can do this is shown in Atul Gawande's book "Checklist Manifesto" he gives us an insight into how a checklist helped him use his time effectively thus giving him the edge he needed to save more lives.

Taking Action.

Successful people have the habit of taking action when they say they will do something. It's just as important not only to take action but to have a plan and write down the steps needed to complete that action.

Personal Care.

This can be exercise, current diet, or even hygiene. But this is a habit and some people may want to have a complex personal care plan but for others, it is just as simple as not drinking fizzy drinks. When the CEO of Telsa was asked, "What daily habit do you do every day?", he said "Shower."


Most if not all successful people have the habit of reading, it's how they learn and grow. It's not all about bettering yourself though, some even read for pleasure. Take J.K Rowling for example, who stated that she reads "Anything" and mentioned that "Nothing will help you as much as reading."

Positive Attitude.

In the opinion of many successful people, having a habit of positive attitude doesn't just make you successful but it is one of the root causes of success. Mindset is everything.

"What we think we become" - Buddha.

Waking up and performing the right habits and having the right mindset to expect success over failure is the way to go. The bottom line is, everyone has personal habits, some are good habits and some are bad habits. The fact is, successful people have more positive habits that contribute to their success.

I'd also like to recommend a favourite book of mine 'The Power Of Habit' by Charles Duhigg. Habits are not easy to build so start off building one at a time.

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