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Habits to Stay Away From When Working From Home

Habits can go both ways, good or bad. It's the type of habits that you have that will determine how you perform throughout life. With everyone working from home, people are starting to realise the benefits of time, money and work-life balance. I see a change coming. But with all this change, you may not even know about some habits starting to form in your day to day life.

Below I have 5 habits you may not even know you're doing and should put a stop to them if you want to make your day a success.

Bad Eating Habits

You may find you have been walking into the kitchen a lot more than usual, maybe to make that cup of tea or coffee. All of a sudden, you find yourself digging out at the snack draw, stuffing your pockets, and quickly heading back upstairs in shame that no one will see you. Everyone has been a sucker for this one. Of course, as you may already know that eating too many processed foods can lead to being overweight, bad skins and many other health issues.

I'm not saying don't snack, but instead, pre-plan your meals for the day or even week. That way if you're hungry you can head down, pick up the food you have already made and satisfy your appetite. It's important to notice bad habits right from the start to make sure you can beat them.

Poor Sleeping Habits

If you're working from home no doubt you don't get up the same time you normally would to catch that train, or prepare the kids to get ready for school. Like most people, you're probably taking advantage of sleeping in on most mornings. You may even be having a few late nights to watch the rest of that Netflix series you're enjoying so much. By having an irregular sleep cycle you're putting your body in danger to irregular metabolism, obesity, anxiety and high levels of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

It's important to maintain a regular sleep pattern throughout the week, not only to help your body prevent these underlining issues but also for when you have to go back to work in the office. If you're wondering how many hours of sleep you may need, click here.

Time Management

It may become harder to manage time whilst at home, but it is a crucial skill to learn. You can waste time or you can use it to your advantage. Using the spare time you have in the morning, and sitting down at the start of the day to make a plan is the best way to go. There are hundreds of tools online which can help you do this. As we all know, working from home brings distractions.

Bad Posture

If you're new to the situation of working from home, you may just have a laptop and not a suitable office space for you to work. Which means, you're probably sitting on the sofa or at your dining room table. Bad posture can affect us long term and short term but there are ways in which we can fight against it.

First of all, make sure your computer screen is level with your eyesight and that you have all the necessary tools, like your mouse and keyboard within reach. You then want to keep your feet flat on the ground and move your hips to the back of the chair to help whilst being conscious that you may slouch time to time.

Personal Hygiene

Hardly anyone wears a suit to work and now that we're working from home, you're most likely in your pj's or comfy wear. You wake up and switch on your laptop to check your emails, put the news on in the background and don't go down for breakfast until mid-morning. Without even realising it has hit the afternoon already, and you end up staying in the clothes you either wore to bed or put on to make some breakfast. Not to mention, that shower you skipped.

Having this kind of mindset can affect work and how you perform daily. That's why when I speak to people about working from home, I like to state that they should treat every day as if they were going into the office. Making sure that you're taking care of your hygiene and getting ready for work is an essential part of working from home.

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