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10 Easy Habits for a Successful Life

Habits are a powerful way to get what you want out of life. Habits are things we do, day in day out. However, not all habits are good and it's important to learn how to break a bad habit if you have one. Around 45% of what we do each day is done by habit, think about that.

On the flip side, we can always add to our current list of habits and picking the right habits are important! So what are 10 easy habits for a successful life?

Don't Give Up

There are many quotes and sayings out there that can relate to this topic but the main thing to remember is to never give up. Whatever you want out of life, you're going to have to work for it. You will have to make sacrifices in life to get to where you want to be and that's ok. This is one habit that many successful people live by.

Just remember, "Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win".

Money Management

It surprises me, that they still don't teach money management in school. Money management is a habit everyone should learn. There are many courses, videos and blogs like mine who provide helpful tips on money management so be sure to start learning this habit ASAP.

Focus on yourself and what you have now

Another great and easy habit to add to your list is gratitude. Many people spend to much time on social media and get caught up in other peoples posts and begin to envy them.

Looking at what others have every day, isn't going to help or change your life, it will only make you jealous or put your spirit down. Gratitude is the easiest path to health, satisfaction and success. Implement this habit and instead of using social media, start by using a dream board.


Many people find it hard to implement fitness in their life. 'I don't have enough hours in the day' is the term I always hear. The body needs physical exercise to stay fit and healthy and having exercise as a habit will help you keep on top of it.

Compound exercises are the quickest and easiest way to put on muscle. As we all know, there are many benefits for both men and women when it comes to fitness so it's important to start ASAP. If you're a beginner and you're working from home like the rest of us at the moment, check out this beginners home workout guide.

Time Management

One of my favourite habits is time management. How well you manage the 24 hours in each day comes down to good preparation. There are many methods for time management, like time blocking, to-do lists and the 80/20 rule, just to name a few. How you manage your time is essential to how successful you'll be in life and many people fall into the trap of making time management mistakes.

Find a method that works for you and implement it into your morning or nightly ritual. Once you start to use this habit and work on it day in day out, you'll soon realise that anything can be achieved.

Start reading

If you don't read, you should start. Having a habit of reading every day, even for 30 minutes, is important for the learning phase of life. Just by reading, you're already benefiting from expanding your vocabulary, creativity and vision. Not only that you're learning! Reading is an important habit to add to the list, so be sure to pick a few books or look at what successful people read to stay productive.

Tidy Everything

If you're like me, I like to keep my desk clean and decluttered. Having the essentials helps to keep a clear mind and will keep you from losing your focus. Essentialism is an important way of making sure we have only what we need, by using what will help us with our goals in life.

Healthy Eating

To help our bodies we should be eating the right foods. This will not only help our bodies but will help keep us at our peak when performing throughout the day. Make sure to eat breakfast to stay productive, they call it 'Breakfast' because you're 'breaking' your 'fast' from last nights sleep. Check out these 6 Super Foods you can eat to help boost your immune system.

Start a Journal

Many successful people have a habit of journaling, they want to understand their past, present and their future. Journalling is great for everyday thoughts, new ideas, setting goals or even creating new habits. By having this habit you can record a whole year of life in just 1 journal, and having the pleasure of reading back on it whenever you wanted. Bullet Journalling is by far the best method out there.

Make time for yourself.

Having the habit of making time for yourself is important and many people fail to implement this into their lives. Make sure to do at least one thing you enjoy every day. It could be reading, listening to music or watching a tv series. Taking some downtime helps refocus the mind for the next day.

I'd also like to recommend a favourite book of mine 'The Power Of Habit' by Charles Duhigg. Habits are not easy to build so start off building one at a time.

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